HepCatz don't care.

Series One of this limited NFT collection features 6666 unique, aloof and cuddly creatures. Choose your kitty's level of hepsterdom.


Catz per Edition


Unique Features



The Project

Each HepCat NFT in Series One has been generated with a randomized assortment of unique characteristics, including six different personalities. Some characteristics are quite common, while others are exceedingly rare. Owners will have access to members-only events and exclusive collectible merchandise.

Up to three series of 6666 NFTs will be released, each containing six editions of HepCatz. New personalities and characteristics will be available in each series. Updates will be announced on our email list and instagram.

Catz Gang

Series One RoadMap

1st Edition Claimed

2nd Edition Released.

2nd Edition Claimed

3rd Edition Released.

3rd Edition Claimed

Physical merchandise becomes available for purchase.

4th Edition Claimed

Owners-only merchandise becomes available.

5th Edition Claimed

6th Edition Released.

6th Edition Claimed

Series Two released. Members-only IRL party in Los Angeles.